CoNetCom: Cooperative learning networks for competence management @ school

The project is a school development project. The overall aim of the project is to enhance the potential of a school as a ‘learning organisation’ and to increase the number of ‘change agents’ in the school.
‘Good practices’ of co-operative learning techniques, which can be used at school during consultation meetings of collegial teaching and non-teaching teams, task forces and ad hoc decision-making groups will be demonstrated and/or experienced hands-on.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

PREP WORK Comenius seminar in Finland - May 2010

- description of all prep tasks (what to do and how to do?)

- for the activity 'Getting to know each other' (on Thursday)

worksheet (T-chart)

- for the exchange of ideas about activities, initiatives and infrastructure, in place in the partner schools and enhancing cooperative work (on Thursday)

mindmap, clarifying the subtopics and with examples of ideas from the coordinating school

- for the activity 'What to see in Helsinki/Finland?' (on Friday)


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