CoNetCom: Cooperative learning networks for competence management @ school

The project is a school development project. The overall aim of the project is to enhance the potential of a school as a ‘learning organisation’ and to increase the number of ‘change agents’ in the school.
‘Good practices’ of co-operative learning techniques, which can be used at school during consultation meetings of collegial teaching and non-teaching teams, task forces and ad hoc decision-making groups will be demonstrated and/or experienced hands-on.

Friday, May 20, 2011


--> Speech during the final meeting in Lyngdal, Norway (Irène, project coordinator)

--> Visual summary of all the meetings in the participating countries (Burçu, coordinator Turkey)

--> Results of overall evaluation of the project based on the QAS questionnaires/quizzes

1. Hosting a meeting: quiz 1

2. Good coordination: quiz 2

3. Communication/collaboration quiz 3

4. Evaluation quiz 4

5. Dissemination quiz 5

6. Project management quiz 6

7. Encouraging mobility quiz 7

8. Impact and involvement quiz 8

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PROJECT MEETING in Lyngdal, Norway from May 11th till May 14th



1. Five fingers via SCL Three-steps-interview

2. Wallet search via SCL Timed-Pair-Share

--> MEDIATION: interactive technique for managing conflicts amongst pupils

1. Presentation: Mediation at AAungdomsskole

2. Mediation: procedures - A. Seglem, mediation coordinator in AAungdomsskole

--> PEER MENTORING: interactive technique for solving problems/managing conflicts amongst colleagues (Training by Dick Aurell during an E.N.I.R.D.E.L.M. conference Irène attended in Antwerp in 2009)

--> EVALUATION: procedures

STARS for each participating delegation


In local newspapers

- in Belgium

- in Latvia

In school newspapers

- in Belgium: interview with the CoNetCom coordinators of the different schools

Our school goes Europe/Onze school gaat Europees p. 10-11