CoNetCom: Cooperative learning networks for competence management @ school

The project is a school development project. The overall aim of the project is to enhance the potential of a school as a ‘learning organisation’ and to increase the number of ‘change agents’ in the school.
‘Good practices’ of co-operative learning techniques, which can be used at school during consultation meetings of collegial teaching and non-teaching teams, task forces and ad hoc decision-making groups will be demonstrated and/or experienced hands-on.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Official program meeting Bree

adapted version December 2010

Dissemination activity Comenius project - participating school in Valkeakoski - Finland

The Headteacher's article in the Valkeakoski City Staff Magazine - VIISARI Joulukuu 2010

Merry Christmas / Iloista Joulua! The star card, designed by Niko Armisto, 7-year-old pupil of Tietola School

About the Multiple Intelligences of the Headteacher at Tietola school, Kari Taberman ... Observe the Gingerhouse he made this year and decide for yourself!

Piparintuoksuista joulua ja antoisaa vuotta 2011
Kuluneesta lukukaudesta kiittäen

Preparatory work meeting in Bree


--> Blank templates

1. Description Organization Pupil Council (Participation in the schools)
2. Description Organization Youth Council (Participation in the city)
3. Description case study Pupil Council
4. Description case study Youth Council

--> Completed questionnaires

1. Pupil Council: Finland Järvenpää - Latvia - Belgium - Norway - Finland (Tietola) - Turkey
2. Youth Council: Finland Järvenpää - Latvia - Bree- Belgium - Turkey

--> Casestudies
1. Pupil Council: Finland Tietola - Turkey - Finland Järvenpää - Belgium
2. Youth Council: Turkey - Finland Järvenpää - Belgium

--> Organization chart of City Council: Finland Järvenpää -

THEORY THINKING HATS OF DE BONO in different languages

1. English version
2. Turkish version
3. Latvian version
4. Spanish version